Caring is what we do

We call our culture a We Care culture. It is based on our purpose, caring for people and our planet. When you join Lindström family (which we hope that you do), you will become part of our caring culture from day one. It means that we value you, who you are, and that we care for your wellbeing. You will work with colleagues who will give you a lot of good energy on a daily basis. With us, you will be inspired to explore your own We Care Power. We believe that by caring you can become a better version of yourself.

We are thankful for the caring Lindströmers give to others

Caring empowers us to release the inner potential

We think that caring is the base for all our interactions with other people. It is our essence of expression. This empowers us to release the inner potential and talents that we have. The best way to express our caring is for us to be responsible, doing our job quickly and efficiently. It is about helping, supporting, and keeping your promises both at work and at home with our loved ones. Caring is about responsibility: if you can approach any task with passion and with no fear – and be open to everything new then the work that you do will bring you pleasure, satisfaction, and interest. Such work could be happily recommended even to loved ones.

Olga and Victoriia Lytvynenko, Customer Service Representatives, Ukraine

By caring you can give so much to your colleagues and family

To me, caring is being attentive to my surroundings – being close to my colleagues, feeling their mood, and helping them if necessary. I am happy because our caring culture supports openness and honesty at all levels and positions. It meant a lot to me when I had to move to another region in Russia and I was offered an alternative job in that region. Thanks to this, I feel needed and I am ready to give my energy to my work. Our “We Care” atmosphere inspires me to be positive when I come home and spread this feeling to my family.

Valentina Muizemnek, Account Representative, Russia

Helping and caring makes life warmer and more colorful

I was grown up with my compassionate grandfather who taught me how to look at situations from others’ viewpoints, understand others’ emotions, and feel empathy. To me, caring is understanding as well as empathizing with others and helping them to go through their problems. Therefore, at the workplace, I offer help to my colleagues, keep our spirit up or do something nice such as giving them some sweets or treats, get to know how their life is going on, their hobbies, interests, and passions outside the office also.

Phuong Tran, Accounts Payable Specialist, Finland

Caring creates happiness

For me caring is about creating happiness around myself. I think that only by caring and loving others, we can be happy and enhance our life values. I show my caring at the workplace by helping others and celebrating the successes of my colleagues. Caring is not a slogan it is action. It is about not giving up on your loved ones or those that you care about. I think that we should always be grateful for the care we receive at our workplace and try to spread it around us in order to make the world a better place to live.

Shirley Wang, Project Manager, China


Small actions of caring can have a big impact

For me caring is creating deeper bonds for positive working relationships. I love to talk about personal life, celebrate successes and use words like ‘’thanks’’ with my colleagues, this is how I support their work and show interest in their wellbeing. Our We Care culture has inspired me to become a better person: more humble, soft-spoken, and friendly. Today, I am a more patient and caring person towards my family and friends than ever before.

Vikas Badakoty, Customer Service Manager, India

Caring helps you create meaningful moments

To me, caring at work is about involving everyone to participate in some meaningful activity. I have, among other activities, ran a marathon with my colleagues. I think that doing things together outside of the workplace builds relationships and unites people inside the workplace.  I think our company’s caring culture is imprinted in my heart. It has made me more enthusiastic, active, and responsible as a person. I teach these same values to my daughter. I hope she will also grow to be a loving, sharing, and brave person.

James Wang, Process Specialist, China

I think caring is about empathy and enabling people to do their best. One of my favorite ways of showing caring at work is celebrating my colleagues’ achievements – making them feel truly valued and important. Our caring culture has always made me feel special. I was overwhelmed when we received a surprise special box of chocolate with a special personalized note from our country Managing Director thanking my family and their support on New Year’s eve. This made my family feel part of our Lindström family.

Kunal Upadhyay, Sales Manager, India

For me caring is about creating positive emotions in other people. I think the best way to show care at work is to do more than I am expected to do. However, sometimes good listening skills or a smile are enough. Our caring culture has inspired me to listen to my loved ones. Outside of work, I love to help animals. I work as a volunteer and a board member of the Estonian Animal Protection Unit, offer a substitute home for animals who are waiting for a new opportunity and home.

Kaija Paalberg, Account Representative, Estonia

Finnish culture is a lot like my own Senegalese culture. We respect each other and you can be you without playing any roles. In Senegal we also like to spend time together, barbecuing or having weddings. For me, caring at work is about good occupational safety and a safe workplace – showing others that I am interested in my colleagues’ skills and working together. One thing I like the most at work is our feeling of togetherness. Because of this feeling, it’s easy for me to maintain a good work-life balance and continue caring outside of work.

Max, textile care worker, Finland

To me, caring means being good to ourselves and our environment. If we care and embrace the world around us, we can be sure that future generations will do the same. I think the best way to show care at work is to always be positive and helpful. By spreading positivity and always being there for my colleagues, even with the slightest worries, they get to see just how much I care for them. It is delightful to see that my positivity and efforts haven’t gone unnoticed at Lindström. The supportive environment gives me the strength to be just the person I would like to be.

Helen Gaab, Quality Specialist, Estonia