The most important feature of an entrance in a Healthcare facility is a mat


We offer as a rental mat service an easy and affordable solution that keeps the look of your Healthcare facility in great shape every single day. Our ample selection covers doormats, ergonomic mats, corridor mats, traditional rubber mats and mud mats as well as stylish solutions that suit your corporate image. A rental mat is an affordable way of improving the cleanliness of the facility.

In a healthcare facility, it is important to have suitable change frequency as well as enough mats in the premises. This ensures that the mats can absorb and bind all the dirt and moisture coming into the facility with foot traffic. The mats help not only in keeping the facilities clean but also in stopping in spreading germs and bacteria throughout the premises. Especially in facilities with large visitor accounts, the mats can make a difference also in terms of personnel safety, keeping accidents from happening due to slippery floors in a busy environment.

Benefits of our mat service


Benefits 1 of Lindstrom mat service

Cost-effective cleaning solution​ with less effort
Cuts down cleaning expenses as floors won’t require as much additional mopping and cleaning.​ Mats bind most of the dirt and moisture coming into the building and Lindström will clean the mats on a regular basis, so the customer won’t need to worry about the floor cleanliness​


Benefits 2 of Lindstrom mat service

Enhances safety and work wellbeing​
Dry and cleaner floors​ with standard or design mats with text and imagery, which can be used, for instance in informing and guiding visitors in the premises. The ergonomic mats are designed especially with the users in mind, helping them, for instance at workstations where they need to stand up for long periods of time.


Benefits 3 of Lindstrom mat service

Versatility with design mats
There is a large range of colors available with variety of shapes and sizes, and the design mats can include pictures, text and much more. Design mats can be used also in washrooms to absorb the moisture that might drip from hands when drying hands further from the faucet and sink (also a great place to remind visitors to wash and dry hands).