The best option when hygiene really matters

In healthcare and social welfare facilities, hygiene is a key theme for employees, patients, and visitors alike. Clean washrooms with sophisticated hygiene products help in keeping germs away. Say goodbye to dirty washrooms, unnecessary inspection rounds and half-used utilities with our environmentally friendly washroom service.

Improve your customer experience with digitally supported technology and design. Keep the washrooms clean with less effort, ensuring a pleasant experience for all users. Live notifications will inform you of when you actually need to change paper or hand towels – saving you lots of time and unnecessary work.

We offer you an easy and efficient solution that covers everything you need in your washrooms, ensuring a clean and hygienic experience for your personnel, patients and visitors alike. In addition, with our environmentally friendly option of cotton towel rolls that can be washed time after time, you will reduce the amount of single-use materials. Reduce your sustainability footprint with our smart technology-enabled offering.

Benefits of our washroom service

for your personnel and patients:
Protect your patients and medical staff from contamination. Guaranteed hygienical cleanliness by compliance with standards. Top-quality products designed to improve patient experience and employee comfort. Build trust by creating professional staff look and brand image.

through the professional 
rental service provider:
Nonstop availability of ready to use textiles tailored to your need. Our production on demand capabilities help manage employee turnover. Productivity improvement thanks to enhanced caregiver comfort.

thanks to trackable and
transparent service:
Cost-efficient, transparent solution with no hidden costs. Digitally supported textiles enables real-time monitoring of product life-cycle. You pay for the textiles you need and the services you use