Hygienically clean and stain-free medical scrubs

Our workwear as a service ensures that your medical staff always has enough hygienically clean scrubs in use. Designed for a long life, the uniforms are put together using sustainable and quality fabrics. The right kind of medical clothing not only improves the hygiene at your facility and the safety of your employees but also is comfortable to wear.

We offer outfits for every profession, from nurses and doctors to physiotherapists and admin staff, to name a few. Build the outfits for each user by choosing from a variety of tops, pants and doctor coats designed for medical staff, and top it off with jackets and additional seasonal wear to keep your employees warm when needed. Our cost-efficient workwear service is the perfect solution for any healthcare business, no matter your size: big or small, we have the medical uniform for you!

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Benefits of rental textile services for Healthcare:

for your personnel and patients:

Protect your patients and medical staff from contamination. Guaranteed hygienical cleanliness by compliance with standards. Top-quality products designed to improve patient experience and employee comfort. Build trust by creating professional staff look and brand image.

through the professional 
rental service provider:

Nonstop availability of ready to use textiles tailored to your need. Our production on demand capabilities help manage employee turnover. Productivity improvement thanks to enhanced caregiver comfort.

thanks to trackable and
transparent service:

Cost-efficient, transparent solution with no hidden costs. Digitally supported textiles enables real-time monitoring of product life-cycle. You pay for the textiles you need and the services you use.

How it works

We offer a wide range of medical scrubs for Healthcare professionals suitable for all employees from hospitals to private clinics, dentists, optometrists, beauty clinics, and nursing homes. The versatile selection allows you to mix and match easily different pieces of clothing and color options to choose the perfect outfit for your needs. All the medical uniforms are designed to face whatever challenging situation the healthcare professionals meet during their shift while keeping them safe and comfortable.

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