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Hygienically clean stain-free bed linen is an essential part of your patient’s recovery journey. We make sure you always have enough clean and comfortable linen available even with utilization fluctuations. Quality linens also support in maintaining a professional brand look and image throughout the course of the treatment.

Lindstrom is a one-stop solution for all your linen needs. We offer a wide range of linen for the Healthcare industry suitable from hospitals to private clinics, beauty clinics, and nursing homes. The versatile selection of sheets, pillowcases, underpads, blankets, and towels allow you to mix and match easily different pieces of linens to choose the perfect combination for your needs.

Benefits of rental textile services for Healthcare:

for your personnel and patients:
Protect your patients and medical staff from contamination. Guaranteed hygienical cleanliness by compliance with standards. Top-quality products designed to improve patient experience and employee comfort. Build trust by creating professional staff look and brand image.

through the professional 
rental service provider:

Nonstop availability of ready to use textiles tailored to your need. Our production on demand capabilities help manage employee turnover. Productivity improvement thanks to enhanced caregiver comfort. 

thanks to trackable and
transparent service:

Cost-efficient, transparent solution with no hidden costs. Digitally supported textiles enables real-time monitoring of product life-cycle. You pay for the textiles you need and the services you use

This is how our Healthcare bed linen service works

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Needs assesment and procurement

We help you determine the different bed linen needs in your company to make sure all your patients get clean and hygienic bed linen in use. We take care of the procurement and start your weekly service with the first bed linen delivery.

Laundry icon

Laundry and maintenance

We wash and maintain your bed linen weekly. At our laundry, we check all the linen and repair them, if necessary, according to your company standards. Any damaged bed linen we replace with new ones on the next delivery.

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Delivery and storage

We deliver clean bed linen every week and at the same time, take used linen to our laundry. Bed linen will be delivered directly to the predetermined place. If you have a lot of seasonal changes in your needs, we can also store bed linen on your behalf.

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We recycle most bed linen that can no longer be used for its original purpose. We give used textiles a new life as other products or discard them responsibly.


At Lindström we go to great lengths to ensure the clothes and other textiles supplied in our rental service are not just clean, but hygienically clean. We wash all workwear and other textiles with high hygiene standards separately in their own machines. We use a sufficiently high washing temperature and disinfectant washing chemicals to remove all pathogens from the garments.


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