Textile Services – solutions for the creation of a unified and strong corporate identity

Lindström offers interior, workwear and personal protective equipment solutions, improving both the customer’s occupational safety and corporate image. Our service covers clothing, change mats, personal protective equipment, hygiene, restaurant textile and industrial wipes.

Our experienced sales and design teams will help you find solutions tailored to your company’s needs, ranging from suitable colours to the right materials, products and services. We subsequently ensure an ongoing service.

Our flexible service models enable the right scale of services for both smaller and more extensive needs. We can supply a single dirt trapper mat for your entrance or enhance your corporate image by using our entire service selection.

Why textile rental?



Clean and maintained textiles always available



Cost efficient solution – no large investments needed



Ecological option – smaller impact on the environment



Products that apply with standards and have high hygiene level

Textile buying VS. textile renting at a glance



Your business takes care of all aspects of
textile logistics. For example with workwear,
your employees are responsible for having clean
and correct workwear for themselves every day.




Textile rental vs. textile buying 1



The right textiles are delivered
where and when you need, as agreed,
letting your employees focus
on their daily jobs.


You need to ensure that the correct
textiles are in stock and take into
account future needs.

Textile rental vs. textile buying 2


A full range of stock is available
to you, saving you time, money,
and trouble.


Ecological issues have to be considered
at all stages of the textiles’ life cycle.
Textile recycling and disposal is an extra cost.

Textile rental vs. textile buying 3


Sustainable solutions are in place
and continuously developed. All textiles are
recycled and discarded in the most eco-friendly way.


Home washing means that cleanliness
and care have to be verified in order to
protect the garments and other textiles and
ensure that strict standards are met.


Textile rental vs. textile buying 4


A dependable process is in place confirming
that not only are all rules and regulations met,
but also that the clothing and other textiles are
kept hygienic and looking good – consistently.

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