Cotton towel dispensers

We offer intelligent hand towel dispensers to your washrooms and social facilities. Our cotton towels have been proven to be the most hygienic and ecological alternative for drying hands.  Our dispensers ensure that each user receives a personal and hygienic towel portion, and the used towel portion rolls automatically back into the dispenser.

Customized dispensers send a strong message and can be coated with color, logo, pattern, or even with a photograph of your choosing. The result is a truly unique washroom experience that suits your company image.

We refill your stock of cotton towels according to your needs. Our washroom solution measures the consumption of hand towels and sends live notifications to cleaners when they need to be refilled – helping you to maintain your facilities.


Soap dispensers

Design your own unique soap dispensers for your washrooms and social facilities. You can choose between regular or foam soap dispensers, it’s your choice!

Our service includes the installation and maintenance of all dispensers. Soap orders are easy to make via eLindström online service or the effortless and flexible Easy service where our service representatives fill your soap stock automatically.



Toilet paper dispensers

Choose our intelligent toilet paper dispensers and style them with your own design. Our dispensers can be fully customized with colors or patterns of your choice. With our service, you will always have enough paper to fill the dispensers when needed.

Our washroom solution helps you maintain the cleanliness of your facilities.  The smart solution helps you measure the consumption of toilet paper and tells you whenever it needs to be changed.

Our service includes the installation and maintenance of all of our dispensers. Toilet paper orders are easy to make using our eLindström online service or by choosing the effortless and flexible Easy service that guarantees automatic refills.


Cotton hand towel rolls

We ensure that you always have enough hygienic cotton towel rolls for your dispensers. We will refill your stock with cotton towel rolls regularly so that you never run out of stock. Our washroom solution measures the consumption of hand towel rolls and sends notifications whenever they need to be changed. We pick up used towel rolls for laundry at the same time we deliver clean towel rolls to their designated place in your facilities.

Cotton towel rolls produce up to 95% less waste than paper towels. Our cotton towel rolls are a hygienic and most ecological choice for hand hygiene.


Paper towel dispensers

When the usage of a cotton towel dispenser is not possible, you find different kinds of paper dispensers from our offering. Paper dispensers are designed for your facilities so that they suit your company image. Our offering includes folded paper dispensers, paper towel roll dispensers and center feed paper towel dispensers.

Our service includes the installation of dispensers, automatic refills of paper, and maintenance of dispensers whenever needed.



Air fresheners and air purifiers

Combat unpleasant odours and bring pleasant and fresh scent to your washrooms and other facilities with our air fresheners. Biozone air purifiers efficiently remove odours and smell caused by microbes from surrounding air and surfaces. Our service includes the installation, regular service and maintenance of all of our air fresheners and air purifiers.

Other washroom hygiene products

Our offering also includes other hygiene products and services for your washrooms; toilet seat cleaner service, hand disinfectant dispenser, hygibox service, sanitizer urinal cleaning, and maintenance system, industrial soap, and hand cream.

Dispensers, such as toilet seat cleaners come with an automatic refill service. Hygibox service includes regular pick-ups of waste.




Visitor counter

Identify the busiest hours and most used areas in your premises​ with our visitor counter. Adjust your resources and shifts accordingly and keep your facilities spotless and litter-free. The visitor counter helps you recognize popular walking routes​ and you can even see the impact of holidays, special events, and campaigns on visitor amounts​ in your facilities.