Mat service delivers both looks and cleanliness

Our rental mat service helps you keep your company premises in tip-top shape every single day. Mat service is an easy solution for brightening up your office look and keeping your floors clean – it doesn’t matter if your company is big or small, our mat service is a cost efficient solution for you! Our mat selection covers doormats, ergonomic mats, corridor mats, traditional mud mats and unique design mats that suit your corporate image.

Benefits of our mat service


Benefits 1 of Lindstrom mat service

Keep your premises
safe and clean


Benefits 2 of Lindstrom mat service

Improve your company image
and customer experience


Benefits 3 of Lindstrom mat service

All inclusive service that
saves your time and money



Our service pricing

  • Our mat service is easy to budget – there are no hidden costs!

  • The overall cost is easier on your pocket than buying new mats and having them cleaned.

  • Your monthly cost depends on your needs; number of mats in use, size and model of the mats, and how often they are changed. Get an offer today!

This is how our mat service works

With the help of our rental mat service, your facilities stay constantly clean and presentable. Our rental mat service is optimized to your needs and helps you reduce cleaning time in your facilities. The image of your company grows stronger when your premises are presentable and clean.

Our mats are also designed taken into consideration fire safety, so they are suitable for all facilities and companies from hotels to shopping centres, and offices to residence buildings.

Since mats are efficient in stopping dirt and moisture, they are a significant safety factor also beyond fire safety. Stopping dirt and moisture starts with an entrance mat that stops even the heaviest of dirt. Correct mats in correct places also prevent slips and enhances safety at work.

Our ergonomic mats are suited to all kinds of standing work from welding to offices, since they lighten the load on the employees and promote occupational well-being. Ergonomic mats also prevent slips in many places, for example in kitchens and auto shops.

Lindstrom Design Mat Service

With our outstanding design mat collection, you can for example:

  • enhance your company image,
  • guide people in your facilities
  • sell more products
  • and improve your customer experience.

Our diverse design mats are interior design elements that can fulfill many different purposes in your facilities. Set your imagination free and decorate with truly unique mats that suit your company image!

To enhance your company image and improve your customer experience, a design mat with your own design is the best option. Our design mats can be made with your exact company colors, patterns, logos and messages. Our mat experts will help you with your design and show it to you in your own space with our Live Design tool.

You can also explore our existing design mat collection, with many different patterns that are designed to brighten up any space. Get inspired by our customers’ mats here!



Our Lindström mats are of great quality that withstands the test of time and use. Forget about mats that only last you for a few months and switch to our mat service that guarantees that you will always have clean mats on your floors!

Our mat service reduces cleaning time in your facilities and helps you keep your premises presentable even during the worst wet season. Properly placed and right kind of mats make ensure that moisture and dirt are stopped right at the front door, keeping your floors clean and people safe from slips.

Our mat service is suitable for companies of all sizes, because it is very cost efficient. You only pay a small monthly service fee, based on how many mats you have in use and how often they are changed.

Our service is flexible to sudden changes in demand, for example during seasonal changes. During wet season you can have your mats changed more often than during summer months. You can make adjustments to your service any time 24/7 on our online service portal eLindström or by calling our customer service.

Measure icon

Needs assesment and procurement

We help you choose the right kind of mats for your facilities and help you design the look of the mats and their compatibility with the rest of the interior design. Our rental mat services are based on renting which means that we will take care of acquiring the mats for you so that your capital is not tied to the products.

Laundry icon

Laundry and maintenance

Our industrial laundry cleans the mats efficiently and in an environmentally-friendly manner. Laundry water recycling generates significant savings in water and energy consumption. We maintain the mats carefully in order to ensure their long service life but also make sure they meet the quality criteria of our customers.

Deliver icon


Our service representative will ensure the correct placement of the mats at the site. We will deliver clean mats straight to your floors when we pick up used mats for our laundry.

Recycle icon

Storage and disposal

Our service is flexible to your needs, so for example, if you need more mats during high season we can adjust the number of mats in your use any time. Worn rental mats are further utilized as long as possible, for example, in industrial facilities. Worn-out mats are disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.