A passion for sustainability

Lindström has practiced and promoted sustainable ways of working for decades. We have long practiced good corporate social responsibility with regard to the environment, our employees and also our customers’ own sustainability aspirations and have always strived to raise the bar for responsibility and sustainability. Our passion and commitment are to make sustainable decisions every day, and we aim to be the most sustainable company in our industry.

Lindström Sustainability Report 2021


Cornerstones for sustainability

Care for our employees

We care for our employees by taking care of their well-being and safety, ensuring fair employment, and offering learning and development opportunities.

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Improving the sustainability

We improve the sustainability of ourselves and our customers by developing innovative solutions and services.

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Developing solutions for our customers

We understand our customers’ needs and develop solutions for their challenges together with our partners and ecosystems.

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Trusted partner for stakeholders

We take care of our revenue and profitability to be a trusted partner to our stakeholders. 

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Lindström’s facts and figures of 2021

waste icon
36% of textile waste recycled
4,700 Employees
24 Countries of operation
heart bubble icon 4.2 Employee satisfaction (on scale 1-5)
washing machine icon 193.300ton textiles washed in 2021
>4,5 million pieces of repaired textiles thread and needle icon
turnover icon
423m€ Turnover (with 11.4% annual growth rate)
shaking hands icon
8.7 CX* Index (* Customer Experience scale 0-10)
8.8 Voice of Partner Index (on scale 0-10)