Miloslav Pašek is a Czech Republic-based Automotive company that has been on the market for 22 years. In 1994, it acquired a representative office of the TATRA brand and began selling trucks, spare parts, and at the same time became an authorised service center for TATRA brand vehicles. Over time, they expanded their services and built additional workplaces for changing oils, measuring emissions of gasoline and diesel engines, and other services. Pašek uses Lindström’s Industrial Wiper Service since it is more a sustainable option than disposable paper towels. 

Martin Ťoupal, Head of the Car service, shares, “we used towels from another company before; however, because the quality of the service and the towels themselves were not at the level we wanted, we decided to change our supplier to Lindström. We use the service mainly because industrial washing and reuse of the clean wipers are more ecological than the disposable paper towels.”
The flexibility of deliveries and quantity of custom-made industrial wipers adapt perfectly to the needs of
Pašek. At agreed regular intervals, the used wipers and absorbent mats are taken to the laundry and replaced with clean ones.  

 As Ťoupal confirms, “we adjusted the deliveries and the number of wipers to our needs, and everything runs smoothly. So I don’t have to worry about whether our mechanics have enough wipers.”
The optimal number of wipers is also confirmed by the mechanic at Pašek: “A wiper has become an indispensable part of my job. I wipe everything with it and simply replace it with a clean one once dirty. It’s convenient and fast! Also, the used towels do not roll anywhere. They are kept in a stainless dispenser, which is really cool!”

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