Efficiency and safety to kindergartens with sleeping pouch service

Forget the time taking bed linens and let’s make it easy for you to make the beds for kids in your kindergarten. With sleeping pouch rental service, you save time from making the beds and maintaining the bed linens. Let us take care of all the time-taking parts and enjoy the time with children. With rental service, you can be sure that you will always have the needed amount of hygienic and clean sleeping pouches available which are easy to use for you and the kids. Provide only the best for the kids who calm down more easily for nap time.

the right amount of clean and hygienic sleeping pouches always availableAlways there for you

Always a sufficient number of hygienically maintained products available that are easy to use.

More efficient time in the kindergartensMore time with the kids

A sleeping pouch is nearly 50% faster to change to bed than bed linen.

Kids calm down more easily and feel safe during nape timeOnly the best for kids!

Kids calm down more easily, and they feel safe and peaceful during nap time. 

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Only the best for kids in the daycare!

How the Sleeping pouch service works?

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Needs assessment

The rental service includes the required number of hygienic sleeping pouches. We calculate the number of sleeping pouches together with the customer and the number is always based on genuine need. We take care of the procurement and start your weekly service with the first delivery.

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Laundry and maintenance

We wash and maintain your Sleeping pouches in the agreed timetable. At our laundry, we check all the items and make sure they are safe to wear. Our laundry process is certified and we follow EN14065 Standard throughout the service process.

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Lindström takes care of the weekly deliveries of clean and used sleeping pouches. The clean sleeping pouches are delivered to the predetermined place and the used ones are picked up to the laundry when the service representative visits the daycare center.

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When the sleeping pouch can not be used any longer for its original purpose we take care of the recycling. Recycling means that we give a new life to used textiles as the other product or discard them responsibly.