Cleanroom textile service – guaranteed hygiene, safety, and reliability

Our reusable cleanroom garments and accessories designed especially for the pharmaceutical industry act as a barrier between the person and the manufacturing environment. They help with preventing contamination in the production area and thus ensure the safety of your products. Our cleanroom services operate according to ISO 14644 and adhere to GMP procedures.

Protect your products and
employees from contamination

Our garments are specifically designed as per IEST-RP-CC003 so as to protect your products from contamination and particles, ensuring that your products stay intact and your employees safe.

Always hygienic garments available for your employees

All of our pharmaceutical garments fulfill the highest hygiene standards, applying to the European Standard EN- 14065, which guarantees hygiene throughout our whole service process.

Cost-efficient solution that
comes with flexible service

With our rental service, there are no hidden costs. Our service includes everything from the garment itself to washing, maintenance, repairs, replacements, delivery and storage, and garment lockers.

Want to learn more about contamination control?

Download our Guide, and learn more about how to ensure cGMP compliance and prevent contamination in the pharmaceutical industry.

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