Ecological washroom service improves efficiency

Say goodbye to dirty washrooms, unnecessary inspection rounds and half used utilities with our environmentally friendly washroom service. Our technology-based washroom solution will help you to run your business smoothly, by giving you the tools and data needed to improve efficiency.  Live notifications will inform you of when you actually need to change paper or hand towels – saving you lots of time and unnecessary work.

Benefits of our washroom service



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Smart technology enables effortless
cleanliness in your facilities





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An easy solution that covers everything
you need in your washrooms



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Excellent customer experience and
happier customers for your business

Our washroom solution includes all the utilities you need and will help you maintain the cleanliness of your facilities. What is included in our service?

  • All equipment required for washrooms: Our selection includes hand towel -, soap- and toilet paper dispensers, air fresheners, and other hygiene products.
  • Style with your own design: Washroom products can be fully customized with colors or patterns of your choice.
  • Automatic stock control and restocking of consumables: We will refill your stock with soap, toilet paper, and cotton towel according to your needs.
  • Smart dispensers help you to maintain cleanliness: Our smart washroom solution measures the consumption of toilet paper and hand towels and sends live notifications to cleaners when these materials need to be changed.

Base your decisions on facts

FlowAbility Washroom reports increase the reliability and transparency of your hygiene facilities management. The cloud-based service gathers the data and delivers it to our online service eLindström from where you can easily check the reports when it best suits you. Minimize management and operative control demands on your organization and adjust focus and resources accordingly with the help of the clear reports. Now you can base your decisions on facts not on assumptions.

We have added smart technology to our dispensers to ensure the best possible experience for your customers! Satisfied customers have been proven to increase their purchase value by 33% on their next visit*. The FlowAbility Washroom solution ensures that your washroom facilities are always in flawless condition and stocked with supplies.

Surveys indicate that the cleanliness of washrooms affects the choice of shopping venue and 66% of shoppers say they recommend shopping venues on the basis of washroom cleanliness*. Our litter-free washroom solution will help you to maintain a high level of cleanliness, while avoiding unnecessary paper waste.

Our fully customisable dispensers will also enable you to stand out from the competition, strengthen your brand and improve your customer experience. You can style the dispensers in your facilities with colors and patterns of your choice. Our visual tool, LiveDesign, will help you try out different designs in your facilities and choose the best option.

LiveDesign Smart Washroom

*Based on a research done by Ediste Oy, 2015, and a study by Burke Institute, 2004, Linking measures of customer satisfaction, value and loyalty to financial performance.

Did you know that using cotton towel rolls is an ecological choice?

According to 2016 study cotton towel roll has been proven the most ecological alternative for drying hands:

  • produces up to 95% less waste than paper hand towels*
  • requires up to 48% less energy*
  • has up to 29% lower global warming potential than virgin paper*

*Wirtex study/ETSA study 2016. The environmentally friendly approach to hand drying.  Sustainability study into cotton towels and paper. You can download the study here.

As per the study conducted by Öko-Institut published in 2006, the average laundry cycle of cotton towel rolls requires less energy than paper towel options. Energy consumption is around 2.5 times higher for the best paper towel option. Cotton towel rolls generate much less waste than paper towel options, since the waste generated by paper towel options is around 4-5 times higher than with cotton towel rolls.**

**Öko-Institut. Life-Cycle Analysis of hand-drying systems

Cotton towel has proven to be a hygienic alternative for drying hands*. Our cotton towel dispensers ensure that each user receives a personal and hygienic towel portion. Cotton towel rolls do not transfer bacteria to the rest of the cotton roll after the used towel automatically rolls back inside the dispenser.

Cotton towel rolls cut back on paper waste and keep your washrooms spotless and litter-free. Our FlowAbility Washroom Solution will help you to plan your resources better, prepare for rush hours, and focus on cleaning the areas where most visitors have been. Improved hygiene and cleanliness affect both your employees’ and customers’ well-being.

*Hjelt Institute. Microbiological testing of hygiene of cotton hand towel dispenser.

Getting started with our washroom service is easy and effortless. No initial investment is needed. Our service includes all the products required for washrooms, from dispensers to consumables such as soap and toilet paper.

The FlowAbility Washroom Solution eliminates routine activities such as reviewing dispenser levels and other unnecessary check-ups, which saves time and improves efficiency. The dispensers independently measure the consumption of hand towels and toilet paper, sending live notifications when the materials need to be replaced. This allows you to attend to the washrooms when actually needed and decreases the amount of paper waste, keeping your washroom spotless and litter-free.

Easy service saves your time

Our service ensures that enough refills of supplies, such as soap and paper, are always available. Easy service includes automatic stock control and restocking of consumables like soaps, toilet paper, and paper towels, according to your needs. Easy service automates inventory checks and reduces ordering and invoicing routines.

What you need to know about our washroom service


Smart Washroom TechnologySmart technology improves efficiency – our smart dispensers send a live notification to our mobile app when paper or towels need to be replaced. Easy and saves time!




Washroom LiveDesignOur visual tool LiveDesign helps you decide on the right design for your space. You can see different colors and patterns come to life in your washroom  – completely free of charge!



Washroom suppliesOur easy washroom solution ensures that you always have enough supplies available. Clean and fully stacked washrooms will keep your customers happy.




Access Washroom Data
Getting started with our washroom service is easy and effortless. No initial investment is needed!



Our service pricing

  • Washroom service is easy to budget – there is no initial capital investments.

  • You only pay a small weekly rental fee for your dispensers, and only for the soaps and towels that you consume.

  • The overall cost of our washroom service is easier on your pocket than managing laundry and logistics on your own. Get an  offer today!

This is how our washroom service works!

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Needs assessment, design and installment

We help you determine the need for various dispensers and supplies in your facilities, and to design the perfect look for your washroom with customized design dispensers. We acquire all the dispensers you need and install them correctly in your facilities. We guide your staff on how to use the Washroom app and dispensers.

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Our service representative will provide you with clean and hygienic hand towel rolls on a regular basis and take used rolls to our laundry. Our laundry processes ensure that the hand towels are always hygienic.

Deliver icon

Supply delivery and maintenance

When our service representative delivers clean hand towels, we make sure that you have enough hand sanitisers, soap, and toilet paper. We will also maintain the dispensers on your facilities when needed.

Recycle icon

Recycling and disposal

We take care of recycling and the ecological disposal of discarded hand towel rolls and dispensers on your behalf. Most of our hand towel rolls are given a second lease of life as other products.

Need more convincing?






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We ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of our cotton towel rolls during washing in our laundry. Our dispenser always provides a personal, single-use, hygienic towel portion for each user. The used towel portion automatically rolls back into the dispenser, preventing re-use of the same towel portion. Clean and used towels are kept separately inside the dispenser. Studies show that the cotton towel is a hygienic hand drying method. (Hjelt Institute 2014) Read more from the European textile service association webpages.

A recent study commissioned by the Textile Service Trade Association (WIRTEX) shows that cotton towel is the most environmentally friendly option for drying hands. Read more.

We take care of the environmental impacts of our processes. We work continuously on energy and water consumption and are optimizing our transportation. Read more from our sustainability pages.

Our cotton roll towel textiles are Öko-tex 100 certified. According to our 40 years of experience, we ensure that our high-quality cotton towel rolls withstand up to 100 washes giving approximately 10,000 individual hand dryings during its lifecycle. When a towel reaches the end of its lifecycle, we take care of its ecological disposal or reuse. For example, cotton rolls are cut into pieces and used as disposable wipes by industry customers.

Data is gathered from the cotton towel or toilet paper dispenser’s sensors into a sensor network. It moves from the sensor network in encrypted form, via a GSM-network, into a cloud service. Collected data is not personal data. Lindström collects the roll consumption measurement data provided by the sensor.

The collected data is unidentified raw data in the cloud service managed by our partner. Devices are displayed anonymously within the cloud service and cannot be combined with customer information.

The data is transferred from our partner’s cloud service to our own, within which we manage the data. After that, the data is provided for the use of end users such as cleaning companies or shopping centres, via intended applications or user interfaces, such as cleaner’s mobile phone.

Users, such as cleaners, cannot access the data in the cloud service, but use data rpovided via a mobile application created for cleaners. Cleaning staff use an application on their mobile phones. Only the cloud service administratot can access cloud service data.

At the moment we collect information for our customers on roll consumption, the refilling of the dispensers and of the busiest times in washrooms.

A sensor in the dispenser continuously measures the consumption of the towel roll (or toilet paper roll). Information on the roll’s availability is gathered in a cloud service which is managed by Lindström. Information on the roll running out is transferred from the cloud service to the mobile phone of a cleaner, who can change the roll at the appropriate time. This enables anticipation of the cleaning need and helps to eliminate unnecessary inspection visits and the checking of dispenser levels. A study has found that washroom inspection rounds can be reduced by over 40%* through smart technology*. The service aims to quarantee the best possible user experience for washroom visitors.

*Based on a research by Ediste Oy  conducted in the Jumbo shopping centre 2015.