Lindström as a company

Lindström is a textile service company focused on making our customers’ lives easier in Europe and in Asia. With 175 years of experience in the textile industry, we offer a wide variability of services ranging from workwear, mats, restaurants and hotel textiles to industrial wipers, cleanroom and washroom services.  

We at Lindström focus on making our customers’ lives easier by supporting them to shine and their businesses to growOur easy-to-use textile services are a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly way of taking care of a company’s textile needs. We strive to create value for our customers in everything we do, executed with excellent customer experience.

Company values as the starting point

Lindström’s vision and the means for reaching it, i.e. the strategy, are specified every five years. The company values are observed in the specification of the target state and means leading to it.  The company’s strategic choices and focus points of development are analysed annually by the Group  Management Team. When the purpose, vision, mission, and strategy are changed, the change and its impacts on daily life are reviewed in workgroups with the personnel.


We care for people and our planet by inspiring people to shine and businesses to grow in a sustainable way.  

MissionLindstrom Missio Visio

We are a textile service company focused on making our customer’s life easier. Everyday, we strengthen the image of our customers.  

Vision 2025

We are a forerunner in enabling our customers to become more sustainable with easy-to-use textile services, offered with passion and a human touch.

At Lindström, we review our strategy constantly and update it every five years, to make sure that we keep up with the times. With Strategy 2025, we aim to be the most sustainable company in the industry, helping our customers become more sustainable – everyday.  

Succeeding in strategy requires everyone to be on board and work together to reach the shared goals – and therefore we invited all our personnel to participate in the renewal. In 2019, over 500 Lindströmers around the world participated in the online discussions on different scenarios for the future of the company. We even invited our customers and partners to co-operate with us, to envision how they see Lindström in the coming years and what would make us a desired partner in the future. We dove deep into topics, challenges, and possibilities offered to a textile service company. 

Lindström is a financially healthy and solid company, being in a good place to launch the Strategy 2025 period. Sustainability as one of the key themes in the strategy signals a clear commitment throughout the whole organization.

Values indicate the direction

Lindström’s operation is guided by its values of profitable growth, long-term customer relationships, responsibility as well as enthusiasm and the joy of learning.

Lindström aims at long-term development of operations as well as the creation of long-term partnerships. Lindström’s decision-making is not guided by growth alone since the objective is to make sustainable solutions that ensure profitable growth.

The impact of the values also shows in business expansion decisions. Business operations are not launched in a country until the personnel and partners whose operations meet the company values and ethical instructions are sourced locally.

The values and their manifestation in daily work are regularly analysed: the values are part of the annual performance appraisal discussions.


Profitable growth

Lindström’s operations are cost-conscious and cost efficient – this guarantees profitable growth. Different projects are prioritized by management according to the overall benefit to the company. Every project must support Lindström’s vision. Decisions are made on a long-term basis, and resources are allocated for supporting growth.



Lindström takes into account the financial, social and environmental influences of its operations. Lindström operates fairly, observes laws and regulations and respects local cultures. As an employer, Lindström is fair and responsible. We require that our suppliers and partners adhere to the same principles.


Long-term customer relationships

Genuine partnership requires mutual confidence, continuous development of operations and mutual benefit in business. Lindström listens to its customers, anticipates the customer’s needs and offers competitive services. We react immediately, without delay, to customer demands.


Enthusiasm and the joy of learning

Good leadership and management, encouraging feedback and training ensure continuous development of Lindström and its personnel. Open, interactive communication generates a good atmosphere for innovations and promotes successful implementation.

Turnover (million €)

Lindström global services

Lindström offers workwear in all its countries of operation and mat services over 10 European countries. In addition, the service selection of the Group includes shop towels, hygiene, and restaurant textile services as well as the textiles of hotels and the health care industry. 


Expertise in the textile field since 1848

Over the course of Lindström’s history, the company has grown from a fabric dyeing house into a laundry and onwards to become a professional in textile renting. The family-owned business with a history dating back more than 165 years has been among the pioneers of its field throughout the years of its operation.

1848 Lindström is established


Carl August Lindström established Lindström in 1848. At the beginning, the company operated as a textile dyeing house in Helsinki in the area of the current Parliament House. In the 1880s, the dyeing house was complemented by a laundry providing a new service called dry cleaning. The shop was named C. A. Lindström & Son.

Growth started in the 1890s


Due to the generation change that took place in 1891, Lindström’s name was changed to W. E. Lindström and strong expansion began. By 1913, the company’s personnel had increased from a few family members to 55 employees and it had moved to larger premises in Helsinki.

Company acquisition and new owner in the 1920s


In 1922, W. E. Lindström Oy’s share capital was purchased by Uusi Pesula Oy, specialising in white laundry, whose principal shareholder was Chief Engineer Johan Roiha. The company became one of the largest actors in the field in the Nordic countries.

Our membership in organizations

Our specialists act on various national and international teams promoting our field of business, standards, and legislation.