ECOSTART is a pioneering company in Slovakia that uses a fermented mixture of biodegradable waste as raw material for the production of green electricity. Plants, branches, bark, mown grass, old unusable hay and straw, waste wood, old unrepairable wooden pallets and other raw materials from municipal wastewater treatment plants are recycled and used as raw material. The power plant has been in operation since 2012, annually supplying 55,500 MWh of green electricity to the regional distribution system.

ECOSTART‘s actions go beyond its production process. It has also introduced several environmental management practices and activities that help improve biodiversity on its own premises. For example, several hundred trees as well as flower and honey meadow plantings on nearby areas of the company‘s premises have been planted.

Sustainability also guides their business partner and supplier choices. “Thanks to effective cooperation with our business partners, we are minimising the impact of our business on the environment. It is very important to know that environment is in the central interest of our business partners, so it could also have a positive effect on our company,” explains Ján Neuschl, technical director of ECOSTART.

Lindström has been providing workwear service for ECOSTART since 2022. Shared values for sustainable operations form a great basis for our collaboration. “Sustainability and ecological thinking are our corporate values, so it is natural that we chose a workwear provider that shares these values,” Neuschl shares.

Lindström’s workwear is designed with durable materials for long lifespan. The washing process is highly optimised, ensuring the minimal water and energy consumption during the process. End-of-life workwear gets a new life as raw material for different products, which is completely aligned with Ecostart values.

The rental workwear service not only contributes to the company’s environmental values, but also to employee well-being. The service saves working hours for employees’ core tasks, as well as provides them workwear without any worry or stress about their maintenance or management.

“Renting work clothes for our employees suits us because industrial washing has several advantages compared to home washing. Our employees appreciate clean and comfortable clothes and are therefore very satisfied with them,” Neuschl explains.

One of the workwear users is Miroslav Laksik, who is responsible for the production site at ECOSTART. “What I like best about my job is the transformation of the useless material for useful electrical energy. But it can sometimes be quite a dirty job. The big advantage is that we get durable workwear with the washing service,” notes Laksik.

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