OptimaPro® table cloths – design and functionality in one package

The OptimaPro® are at the top of the field as stain-resistant table cloths. The OptimaPro® cloths are fully customised according to the customer’s table dimensions with the desired pattern and colour. Due to the protective treatment, stains remain at the surface of the cloth to be easily wiped away. The cloth is easy to care for and requires fewer washes than traditional cloths making it a very affordable solution.

See all OptimaPro table cloth patterns here 

Cotton table cloths and napkins

The classically stylish white table cloths and napkins in our standard collection are made of high-quality cotton with a sophisticated pattern.





Customised napkins

Our diverse and high-quality product range of cotton napkins is suited to a variety of place setting needs.




Paper napkins

Our collection includes also paper napkins that can be customized with your company design. Paper napkins are available in three different models, Basic, Medium and Soft. Basic napkins are a good option for high consumption facilities, Medium napkins are designed especially for lunch restaurants  and Soft napkins are perfect for à la carte. all napkins are available with your company design.



Kitchen textiles

We offer side towels and kitchen towels designed for professional use for the kitchen of your restaurant.






Recycled terry towels

Recycled terry is a towel cut from disposal terry that is very well suited to diverse wiping due to its absorbency. The recycled terry towels are excellent for wiping dirty surfaces.





Hot towel

A towel for cleaning the hands and face before or after a meal.