The Best Innovative Project Award – Lindström’s Workwear Flex

The first ETSA awards in history were presented at the ETSA Congress in May.  The winner for the Best Innovative Project award was  selected by an impartial third party that evaluated several projects based on how successfully the candidates have utilized a new approach, development process, or some other innovative technique that improved efficiency, sustainability, or another goal of ethical business through out of the box thinking.

Our Workwear Flex service represents a new digitalized approach on the market that uses intelligent technology to track garments and to ensure that there is always enough clean workwear available.  It was highlighted that Workwear Flex provides a good solution for textiles overproduction while at the same time increasing efficiency and workforce satisfaction from all sides. It provides more flexibility and transparency to customers while helping them to optimise the inventory levels. According to our preliminary analysis done in 2021, it can help to reduce the number of garments in customer inventories by an average of 40%.

Several our customers have already benefitted from our Workwear Flex service. Read more how Riga Airport improved its operational efficiency and sustainability, and why Stora Enso thinks the service is especially good to the industries with many seasonal or mobile workers. 

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