Spill Mats

An oil drip mat rental will keep your garage clean, safe, and in pristine condition. It is a no-nonsense approach to keeping your workforce safe, and we dispose of hazardous materials and oil, so you don’t need to.

Lindstrom’s spill mat rental solution

Oil spills have long been associated with industrial and commercial business premises, such as vehicle garages. An oil spill has the potential to be hazardous, and a slip or fall could injure your workers. Spill mats containing absorbents are among the most straightforward solutions to keeping your garage, workshop, or commercial premises clean and safe.

You can place our oil spill mats under vehicles, at work stations, or under storage racking systems to protect against dangerous leaks. The absorbent pads soak up any spills and splashes, and they are made from highly-absorbent materials that are cost-effective.

When you want to cut back on garage clean-up time, nothing rivals our oil absorbent pads.

Why choose Lindström for your absorbent spill mats?

Our oil spill absorbent mats and oil spill pads will save you time and money, with no hidden costs. Our spill absorbent range of mats are supplied in the numbers you need. Tailored to your needs, you can change the number and frequency of absorbent sheets you need. This flexibility is highly beneficial because your requirements may vary by season or increase or decrease as jobs come into your business.

Benefits of our industrial absorbent mat service

Cost efficient solution that
saves you time and money

Flexible service that’s tailored to you

Let us clean up your spills