Did you know that clean does not equal hygienic?

Work uniforms do not only protect the employees in hazardous working environments, they also protect the work itself. For many industries, hygienic workwear is a must to protect production from contaminations – however, clean workwear does not guarantee its hygiene. Cleaning is the removal of visible dirt, while hygienic cleaning also eliminates invisible dirt, bacteria and other pathogens.


We ensure the hygiene of workwear for you


Washing of workwear

We wash all workwear with high hygiene standards separately in their own machines. We use a sufficiently high washing temperature and disinfecting washing chemicals to remove all pathogens for the garments.


Packing workwear for deliveriesWe use separate packing for cleaned, hygienic workwear when they are delivered to you. This ensures the workwear will not get contaminated while in transportation.



Workwear lockerOur workwear lockers are used only for delivering clean Lindström workwear. Employees have their personal lockers in which they will get their clean workwear deliveries. This ensures the workwear stay hygienic until they are taken into use.


We keep you safe at work

Fitting workwear for employeesWe fit all pieces of clothing for every employee, so that they always have the right size of workwear. Perfect fit prevents potential accidents at work, for example tripping and getting loose clothing stuck in machinery.


Repair and replace damaged workwearWe repair and replace all damaged workwear to prevent ragged garments from causing safety hazards. During our laundry processes, we make sure the workwear remain their protective qualities.


We know the dangers in your profession and therefore our workwear collections are especially designed for specific industries so that they have the right kind of design and protective qualities for your work.