Do You Follow ISO Regulation?

ISO regulations are voluntary, yet these business certifications are not just a plaque on the wall. Businesses that achieve these standards benefit in many ways. They reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, boost productivity, and generate greater profits.

Environmental Management System and Quality Management Systems

Certified companies demonstrate safety and quality, achieve consistent outcomes, have better internal management, and have less wastage. If a business is interested in acquisition and retention, then these standards are something to consider.

Having certificated its Environmental Management System and Quality Management System, according to the renewed requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, Lindstrom has become the first textile service business that fulfills the renewed standards.

“We continue to believe passionately in the benefits of both our quality management system and environmental standard.  We see both as a vehicle for continuous improvement that will have positives outcomes for all our customers,”  says Head of Customer Excellence, Ian Muir.

What Is ISO?

The International Organization for Standardisation is a non-governmental organisation that develops and publishes international standards. These are a methodology for doing things the best way. They cover aspects such as managing a process, making a product, or delivering a service.

Developed by industry experts, the processes allow firms to work more efficiently, reduce their environmental impact, reduce workplace accidents, cut energy consumption, and secure sensitive information. The organisation’s ethos is ‘easier, safer, and better.’

Certification can help your company introduce documented systems for planning improvements, training, internal auditing, document and record controls, management reviews, and preventative and corrective actions.

ISO Business Regulations

man using angle grinder wearing welder overalls

ISO 9001 is Quality Management Systems and the most well-known standard for businesses of any size. Certification indicates an ability to consistently provide services and products that meet regulatory and statutory requirements while enhancing customer satisfaction through the effective system’s application.

ISO 14001 is Environmental Management Systems and specifies the requirements for enhancing environmental performance. This helps organisations fulfill their compliance obligations and systematically tackle sustainability.

If you want to work with the best companies, check to see if they are ISO compliant.

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