WorkerPro collection – For various light and heavy industry and maintenance jobs

Our WorkerPro collection is designed to meet the requirements of many different light and heavy industry professionals as well as various different maintenance jobs.

This collection offers you a variety of work jackets, trousers, overalls, and other garments that can be combined to meet your needs. All the workwear is both comfortable and highly functional for indoor and outdoor use.

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WelderPro collection – Protective clothing for welding and hot work

Standards and certifications:

EN ISO 11611:2015 Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes
EN ISO 11612:2015 Clothing to protect against heat and flame
Welding protection class 2 – protects in situations where more sparks and heat radiation are generated.

Certified levels of protection:

  • EN ISO 11612:2015, A1 B1 C1 E3 F1
  • EN ISO 11611:2015, A1 Class 2

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PowerPro collection – Flame retardant and arc tested, for electrical engineering professionals

Certified in accordance with the following standards:

EN ISO 11612 (A1, B1, C1) Clothing to protect against heat and flame.
EN 61482-1-2 (class 1) Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc.

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HighVisPro – Visibility for demanding working conditions

Our high visibility protective clothing collection is the perfect workwear solution for challenging working conditions requiring high visibility. This collection includes a variety of different high visibility shirts, jackets, vests, trousers, and overalls, that are all suitable for many different industries thanks to their multi functionality.

Standards and certifications:

EN ISO 20471:2013, High visibility clothing.
EN 342:2004, Ensembles and garments for protection against cold

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PacPro collection – Functional workwear for versatile packaging jobs

Our PacPro collection is designed specifically for the various needs in the packaging industry.

We understand the versatile needs in the packaging industry and therefore offer you a variety of different garments that can be combined together for a perfect workwear combination to your needs.




FoodInPro – Hygienic workwear for food industry

Our FoodInPro workwear collection is specifically designed to fulfil the high criteria of food industry. Our selection of workwear for food processing includes a variety of different protective clothing that ensures the safety of your employees and the quality of your production.

Standards and certifications:

EN-14065; HACCP

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Functional workwear for retail companies

Our selection includes an extensive range of workwear for retail companies. We offer you a variety of different kinds of shirts and sweaters, tunics, jackets and vests, trousers and pants all in several colours as well– giving you endless possibilities to create a unified workwear solution for your entire staff. Whether you have a small boutique or a big retail chain, we have a workwear solution for you.

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HoReCaPro – Presentable workwear for hotels, restaurants, and catering business

Our HoReCaPro collection offers an extensive selection of workwear for professional use in restaurants, hotels, and catering businesses. This collection includes a variety of different kind of shirts, tunics, chef jackets, trousers and aprons – making it easy to combine a unified workwear solution for your entire staff. We understand the needs of our HoReCa customers and have therefore paid special attention to the fit, comfortability and appearance of the clothing.

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Versatile Standard workwear collection


The Lindström standard workwear uniform collection is easy and trouble-free option, offering many possibilities and meeting the workwear needs of any business. Our diverse collection includes durable and well-fitting shirts, tunics, trousers, jackets and overalls, from presentable service industry outfits to heavy-duty special and protective clothing.

It is easy to start using the Lindström collection: you can select the clothes suitable for the needs of your company from ready-made options, and the first workwear delivery can take place as early as within two weeks. Completely without restrictions on quantities – even for just one employee.