We’re revolutionising your wiper service

Our unique metal range of dispensers offers a more convenient, more efficient and safer method of sorting our wipers on your premises. The dispensers will be serviced on the agreed schedule by your service driver.

Historically, contaminated wipers have been deposited in a container, dust bin or dispensers for housekeeping, however, due to increasing regulations, Lindström has designed and created three new units which are in line with new directives from insurance companies. Our service helps customers improve their ISO14001 accreditation, which takes away the headache for our customers, and lets them focus on their business.


                                                              Mini                                         Pod                                         Maxi


Benefits of our Wipe-Smart units



Benefits of Lindström workwear rental

More convenient




More efficient 



Benefits of Lindstrom wokrwear rental

Safer storage 

  • Solution to help alleviate compliance concerns
  • Backed by insurance giants
  • Reduction in waste volume and disposal costs
  • Encouraging a strong housekeeping ethos among employees, increasing productivity
  • Flexible service ensuring safety
  • Added fire safety benefits
  • In line with the requirements of common insurance policies
  • Self-closing letterbox to eliminate improper use and improve housekeeping
  • Static earth-point
  • Easy to clean with stain proof finish
  • Full rental service meaning no upfront costs or maintenance costs


We make sure our wiper service always apply with legislation and standards. No matter your industry, with our wiper service you can guarantee that your company always meets the requirements for wiper safety and hygiene.

Our units are manufactured from zinc sheet metal, zinc coated mild steel, with the Maxi lid manufactured from uncoated mild steel. Prior to painting, all parts are phosphated. The paint applied to the product following phosphating is a smooth gloss epoxy polyester powder. Material thickness of the sheet metal parts is 1.2mm, 2.00 mm and 3.00mm.

This is how our wiper service works