Absorbent Mats

Are you looking for quality absorbent mats that can soak up oil, hazardous materials and water spills? At Lindstrom, we pride ourselves on providing industrial and commercial businesses with the finest absorbent mats available.

Wiping and absorption products for industrial and commercial use

Our absorption mats have a wide variety of uses. They can be placed under storage containers or other items to protect the work environment from dangerous leaks and splashes, or used as a clean work surface in assembly or demolition.

Like our industrial wipers, our absorption mats are made from the most cost-effective and highly absorbent materials. They efficiently absorb grease, oil, dirt, solvents and other liquids, cutting back on final clean up.

Whether you need oil absorbent garage mats or water-absorbent mats for kitchens, you will find the right mat for your needs at Lindstrom.

Why choose Lindström for your absorbent mats?

Our absorbent mats play an effective role in keeping your business clean from oil spills and water leaks. Garages are notorious for being covered in grease and oil. It’s just the way the industry is.

But you can remain clean with our no-nonsense oil absorbent garage mats. Designed to keep your premise in pristine condition, you can’t go wrong with our absorbent mats.

We are an accredited ISO 14001 company, leading UK environmental change throughout our products and services. Lindstrom understands how important it is to do everything possible to lessen the impact on our environment, and so we have developed a range of eco-friendly solutions.

When it comes to handling and transportation of our products, we apply with strict safety and environmental instructions – you as our customer are also entitled to a report of disposed waste. Our service process is certified according to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Our laundry site has been specially chosen for a number of different reasons. During the laundry process, 100% of the water used is recycled, resulting in zero % water wastage. None of the water used is discharged into the sewer which aids in water reduction and also the added benefit of assisting the ISO 14001 accreditation.

Benefits of our industrial absorbent mat service

Cost efficient solution that
saves you time and money

Wiper Benefits 2

Flexible service that’s tailored to you

Wiper Benefits 3

Let us clean up your spills

Our service pricing

Our absorbent mat service is easy to budget – there are no hidden costs!

The cleaning service offered  by Lindstrom is cost-efficient and an easier option than disposal of hazardous material on your own

Your monthly cost depends on your needs, the number of mats needed for daily use and the industry you operate in. Speak to us today!