Our upgraded service model, the ‘Wipe Smart Service’, replaces our existing ‘one for one’ receptacle or bagged exchange. We will now collect, measure, wash and return the same number of clean wipers as uplifted on your previous service. It is important to note that all stock will be labelled for better visibility on service usage.

This is how our new service will work

Our first service after LIVE date

Advantages of Wipe Smart Service

Invoicing cycle changed from monthly in advance to 4-weekly in arrears

eLindström Customer App for online monitoring of deliveries and managing wiper service

Precise overview of quantity of wipers in circulation

The Lindström Group is awarded a EcoVadis gold certificate in their business sustainability rating. EcoVadis is common sustainability platform with a universal scorecard and benchmarks.  

Lindström achieved Gold medal beinamong the top 5% of more than 100.000 companies evaluated in EcoVadis.

Q&A's of our new upgraded wipe smart service

How many invoices will I receive annually?

You will now receive thirteen 4-weekly invoices rather than 12 monthly invoices rather than 12 monthly invoices.

What affect will this have on my current charges?

The annual invoice will remain the same.

How will the invoice look?

Currently the unit price on the invoice is shown per bag/container. Future invoices will be broken down to price per wipes and price per receptacles. To see the invoice example please click the summary leaflet later on this page.

Will my payment terms change?

No, all payment terms will remain the same from date of invoice, you will be invoiced every 4 weeks in arrears.

Will PO numbers still be shown on an invoice?

Yes, if these are new, they will need to be provided prior to the invoice date. We will provide you with a schedule of these dates.

We pay by Direct Debit, will this be affected?

If you pay us by Direct Debit, the Direct Debit reference will change to reflect your new customer number. We will be cancelling your old instruction and setting up a new one with a new reference. Due to this, your Direct Debit may be claimed later than normal on the following month. You don’t need to do anything.

Will my service frequency change?

No, we will still service on your agreed frequency cycle.

What will be different from my current service to the new “Wipe Smart Service”?

Check out this video.

What happens if I run out of stock between service cycles?

What we do will depend on the reason why. If you have used more than 100% of your rented stock, we will make arrangements to increase your stock levels. If you have run out because we have not returned enough or made a mistake, we will send additional stock via the fastest means possible, including the use of external couriers.

Will I have to self-service the metal dispenser?

No change is envisaged.

Will I still be able to increase / decrease my quantities?

Yes. We will be delivering the same measured amount of clean wipers that were collected soiled on your previous service call. If you are uncertain as to whether this will cover your demand, please contact our customer service team who will confirm the volume of your next delivery and discuss your requirements.

Reasons why UK companies choose our service

Always Clean Wipers with Lindstrom Wiper Service

Always have enough
clean wipes in use

Safe Handling Of Hazardous Waste with Lindstrom Wiper Service

hazardous waste stream

Focus On Core Business with Lindstrom Wiper Service

Care free service that lets you focus on your core business

Wipe Smart Service overview

Measure icon

Needs assessment and procurement

Based on a jointly performed needs assessment, we will plan together with you the selection of wipers and absorption mats best suited to your company. At the service launch, we will deliver safe and high-quality delivery and collection containers for the products to your facilities.

Laundry icon

Laundry and maintenance

We will wash and maintain all wipers and absorption mats for you. We will make sure the hazardous waste will be responsibly handled and disposed in accordance with the law.

Deliver icon


We will pick up used wipers for laundry at the same time we deliver you a clean supply.

Recycle icon


We ensure that discarded textiles and the waste they produce will be responsibly handled and disposed of.


Have a question?

Need a summary?

Our industrial wiper division provides products and services for the handling of industrial dirt and hazardous waste, through a wide range of wiper and floorcare products.

We collect soiled wipers and absorption mats and deliver clean replacements at the point of collection. Your soiled products are taken away to our UK laundry facility, ensuring minimal waste to landfill. We make sure that any hazardous waste that comes loose during laundry cleaning is treated according to the current regulations.

Your rental charge for this service includes all products and containers, as well as your regular deliveries and collections, giving you peace of mind that there are no hidden costs that you will incur.

We pride ourselves on our Code of Practice, read more here.