Reasons Why UK Companies Choose Our Workwear Rental Service

Lindstrom provides companies with a cost-effective, professional workwear service that ensures your staff is always dressed appropriately for the task at hand.

Our high-quality workwear rental service takes away the strain of choosing and maintaining a work uniform. Our highly trained team can assist with fitting and alterations to determine the perfect number of garments for each worker. We will also take care of cleaning, repairing, and placing your clean garments in your lockers ready for use.


Certified Worwear with Lindstrom Workwear Service

Certified workwear that will always
fulfill the latest standards




Always Clean Workwear with Lindstrom Workwear Service

Always clean and safe
workwear available




Sustainable Workwear with Lindstrom Workwear Service

A sustainable option that is
easier on the environment




Focus On Core Business with Lindstrom Workwear Service

A service that lets you
focus on your core business



FAQ about our workwear service

As a one-time purchase, taking the plunge and buying workwear seems like an attractive solution. However, the care of the clothing is an essential factor in the final cost, as well as garment repairs, replacements, and logistics. Buying workwear includes a lot of hidden costs you may not be taking into consideration.  Workwear rental is always a more affordable solution when it comes to overall costs – it includes everything and saves you the stress of handling the arrangements by yourself, for example:

  • Acquiring the garments
  • Cleaning and maintenance of workwear
  • Meeting the legal obligations and standards for workwear
  • Lost garments and replacements of damaged workwear
  • Seasonal changes in workwear needs and storing the garments
  • Logistics arrangements between laundry service and your facility

Our existing workwear collections are fully customisable whether you want to add a pocket somewhere or change some buttons. If your company requires a fully customised workwear solution, our designer team will help create unique company workwear specifically designed for your needs.

We want to ensure the safety and comfort of your employees when using our workwear. Therefore we fit all the garments before delivery and order custom changes to them if your employees need them. For instance, shorter sleeves or legs on certain pieces of workwear.

Once you have ordered your new Lindström workwear, we make sure they fit properly to all employees and make any needed modifications on them. Our regular delivery time for workwear is three weeks. This time is required to make all the required changes, such as shortening sleeves and adding company logos on the garments.

If you have ordered customised company workwear, the delivery time may extend to six weeks. The final delivery time depends on the number of employees and the extent of customisation of your workwear rental.

Workwear can vary immensely in terms of quality and meeting safety standards. We have designed our workwear to meet the legal obligations and standards. For instance, protective qualities and hygiene requirements of different industries. Offering you a workwear rental solution that is suitable just for your needs. Renting workwear from a reputable source, you can be sure that the garments and accessories are constructed from time-tested, durable, and safe materials.

It is a common misunderstanding that clean would equal hygienic. However, home washing or regular laundry servicing doesn’t meet the hygienic standards of many industries. Cleaning only removes visible dirt, which is usually the norm for home washing, whereas hygienic cleaning also eliminates invisible dirt, bacteria, and other pathogens. For many industries, home washing or regular laundry service simply does not meet the industrial and legal requirements. Therefore imposing a risk for both employees as well as employers with responsibility for product safety. Read more about our workwear safety and hygiene here.


The number of uniforms that you receive will depend on the industry you work in and the work environment. Sectors with dirtier environments for example mechanics’ workwear or high levels of contamination such as healthcare uniforms will require more uniforms and changes per week.

How Our Workwear Rental Service Works

Everybody deserves to wear a comfortable, well-fitting uniform at work. Not only do our uniforms comply with the latest health and safety regulations; but they will also make your workers proud to represent your company.

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At Lindstrom, we make sure each garment fits each worker perfectly and will make any necessary alterations to do so, such as shortening trouser legs. If the correct size cannot be found during the initial fitting, a custom-made garment will be created using the proper measurement.

Nobody wants to start their shift in a dirty uniform. It’s unprofessional, unhygienic and paints your company in a poor light. That’s why we ensure your staff will always have clean garments in their lockers at the start of each shift. According to our personal agreement, we will deliver clean, safe and good-looking workwear to your arranged location. At the same time, we collect used garments for washing and will make any repairs necessary.

If, for any reason, you require additional orders, our customer service department can be called upon to arrange for new garments to be delivered.


Workwear rental is easy, finding the perfect service partner is difficult

We offer the best rental workwear solution to support your business. By focusing your workwear provision on one reliable partner, you can concentrate on your core business in total peace of mind.

High quality, functional workwear is an essential factor from the perspective of occupational health and safety and feeling comfortable at work. We offer the correct workwear rental solutions for companies and organisations of all sizes in a diverse range of industries. From aerospace to packaging, including specialist products such as chemical splash, flame retardant and anti-static.

Properly designed workwear, manufactured in fully tested, durable materials, combined with the correct laundry solution ensures the guaranteed safety of your employees.