Due to the rising cost of living and energy prices, people and companies are expecting to face much more tension this winter than in previous years. More than ever before, everyone is anticipating a colder winter with the struggles of saving on energy and heating to get through with as few losses as possible.

How renting winter workwear helps tackle economical price increases

Renting employee workwear has many benefits to businesses. However, there are two main reasons why renting workwear is the best option this winter.

The first is the reduction of financial costs for the purchase of each employee’s own work clothes. As employees who work outdoors, there are many seasonal workwear changes that are made throughout the year to keep employees comfortable and safe according to weather conditions.

The second is using suitable materials; choosing cost-minimising designs and fabric technologies that work for each specific type of work clothes, which leads to an increase in thermal comfort at work and an extension of the service life of work clothes.

The rental of work clothes operates on the principles of circular economy, the aim of which is to improve the quality of the environment and human life by increasing the efficiency of production. 

For us, this means using material savings, reusing, making repairs and much more.

The importance of high-quality winter workwear for the outdoors

Winter workwear outfits are nothing new in some fields. Choosing suitable work clothes for the cold winter months is a must in some industries, especially ensuring that employees can be visible in the darker mornings and evenings.

In the winter months, road workers, construction workers, rescue workers, firefighters and others are most at risk, as they have to work outside in a dangerous environment despite the bad weather and fatigue.

Working outside in winter is very demanding from a health and safety perspective. Due to inappropriate work clothes, employees can not only catch the common cold, but often develop other health problems with their joints or even frostbite. 

Occupational accidents are also more common in winter, mainly due to the reduced visibility and slippery surfaces due to rain and ice. The uniform used for employees working outdoors in winter should therefore primarily include warm and waterproof fabrics.

Outdoor worker wearing winter workwear from Lindström

Our HighVisPro collection, certified according to EN ISO 20471:2013, ensures sufficient visibility when working outdoors. The range consists of reflective work winter jackets and many useful accessories. The clothes from this collection contain reflective elements made in classic reflective yellow or orange. They have high visibility in any lighting conditions, in daylight and in the dark which is vital to keeping employees safe.

Saving measures at workplaces inside buildings

The conditions for outdoor workers are at the mercy of the elements, but indoor climates are often controlled by companies. However, this year as part of energy savings, temperatures are likely to be reduced in indoor operation, workshops and offices.

This winter it is more important than ever to ensure employees have insulating thermal workwear. There are multiple ways of doing this such as using thermal base layers by adding another layer of work clothing such as a fleece sweatshirt, long johns or a long-sleeved T-shirt for each worker.

Renting work clothes will help you with this need for seasonal additions to workwear and having the flexibility of only using as many clothes as you currently need.

The advantages of renting winter work clothes

We offer our clients comprehensive services for renting work clothes suitable for all weather conditions. We will design a suitable collection according to your requirements and ensure a regular supply of clothes for your workers, along with ecological industrial washing and maintenance of clothing.

For reflective clothing and accessories, proper maintenance is very important as careless washing reduces the effect of the fluorescent fabric and damages the reflective elements. At Lindström, we know how to wash reflective workwear so that its functions remain at the highest possible quality for longer.

The benefits of Lindström workwear rental service:

  • Clean and well-maintained work clothes are always in the lockers of your employees. 
  • No investment in inventory required.
  • Helping the environment from the involvement in the circular economy to reduce impacts on the environment and climate changes. 
  • Lindström products meet the requirements of work clothes safety standards.
  • Our workwear is returned to you at a high level of hygiene.
  • Maintenance of clothing is undertaken to ensure top quality and safety. 
  • Professionally cleaned and maintained clothing.
  • Specialist materials such as reflective elements are kept in excellent condition through the cleaning service.

Get your employees layered up and safe this winter whether your company operates working outdoors or indoors. In this financial crisis, using Lindström saves your business on workwear costs with our renting service.

Have a look through our latest collection of workwear and accessories, curated specially with comfort and safety in mind.

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