Founded in 1990, the IPIA brings its Print Manager, Trade Manufacturer and Associate Members together to Create Partnerships in Print.

The Code of Practice is an integral to IPIA membership and the IPIA Certification scheme. Members will at all times transact business in an ethical, honest manner and confirm that none of the Directors appears on the Companies House Disqualified list. Also members should conduct their business at all times in a manner, which will uphold the reputation and standing of the Association.

  1. Members will display on their premises, wherever practical, the IPIA membership certificate and the Code of Practice certificate
  2. Members must display, demonstrate and represent their products and services fairly and avoid deceptive, misleading and unethical practices, as well as conducting their business in conformity with all legal obligations, e.g. Companies House requirements (Filling Annual Accounts & Returns etc.)
  3. Members must comply with all relevant legislation in respect of Employment Law, Health & Safety, Equal Opportunities and Environment policies as required by law, and that all documents relating to these are up to date.
  4. Members must be able to confirm that suitable training programmes/plans are in place and are being up-dated and implemented regularly.
  5. Members must give complete respect and confidence to any confidential information or business transactions that may come into contact during the course of their work between fellow IPIA members. When dealing with customers and other businesses, must also act decently, fairly and reasonably, fulfilling their contractual obligations at all times.
  6. Quality Assurance, confirmation that the company is committed to:
    1. Providing the highest level of product quality and customer service
    2. Suitable measurement of quality issues are in place
    3. That an appropriate quality arbitration system is in place, see clause [10]
  7. Members must take responsibility for any sub-contractor that they use on their behalf to make sure they abide by the name standards as would apply to members
  8. Insurance members must be able o confirm that all insurances are in place to ensure business is protected from any claims made against the company, e.g. Employee’s Liability, Commercial Insurance, etc.
  9. In the event of a complaint from a customer, the member will ensure that appropriate, effective and immediate actin is taken with a view to achieving a just and fair settlement. If the complain is between IPIA members (Manufacturer, Print Manager or Associate) and can not be resolved, then the customer and the IPIA should be informed in writing and if both parties agree the IPIA will appoint an independent Arbitrator who’s decision will be final and binding on both parties.
  10. Members must abide by all rulings of the IPIA and any other industry relevant bodies affecting the printing industry in particular. Members must also comply with an decision made by the IPIA and the council in the proper discharge of Association business.
  11. The IPIA Council is empowered to enforce this Code of Practice and to consider any complain made against a member company and to act accordingly.