PacPro collection – Tailored directly to meet the needs of the packaging industry

We have identified that Workwear will help your business project a consistent professional image and signals that you care about quality & service. PacPro is a dedicated packaging industry workwear solution. The collection is manufactured to the highest quality to ensure that our customers are compliant with all health & safety regulations, with products that are light, functional, durable and maintained as part of the service throughout the lifecycle of the textile.

PacPro is bespoke packaging workwear, offering a comprehensive service specifically for the industry. When planning our collection for the packaging industry we have taken into consideration the requirements of the industry:

  • Appearance of employees
  • Safety required
  • Hygiene compliance
  • Durability
  • Image of company

A guaranteed workwear service with additional valuesLindström has over 160 years of experience in the textile industry and has had operations in the UK since 2001 delivering to customers nationwide. We’ve grown into a leading European textile rental provider with operations in 24 countries across Europe & Asia and it is our task to strengthen our customers’ company image by means of workwear and cleanliness. Our operations are undertaken with the potential environmental impact at the core of everything we do and as such, are accredited to ISO14001. Find out more about how we meet the demands of the industry through packaging workwear and more.

Why choose PacPro?

Our customers can return up to 30% of their garments at no extra cost, provided that the garments can be forward leased. On average our customers in the packaging industry save up to £12,000 over the term of the contract using this flexible feature of our service.

We guarantee to deliver PacPro garments to new starters within 2 weeks. Currently, PacPro garments for work are being delivered to customers on average in 7 days. This helps our customers reduce staff turnover and increase employee satisfaction.

A reliable and consistent service will increase your productivity, boost employee morale and create a winning team atmosphere which in turn will save you time and money. We have found that happier employees are more committed and loyal to their employer.

Our customers have seen a positive impact on their cashflow throughout the term of the contract due to us managing their requirements accurately. There is no need to tie up capital in garments when using our service.

Who is using PacPro?

Packing industry workwear PacPro collection

  • Film
  • Paper
  • Cardboard

Packing industry workwear PacPro collection

  • Corrugated board
  • Glass packaging
  • Flexible packaging

Packing industry workwear PacPro collection

  • Rigid plastics
  • Light metal
  • Labels