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Workwear is an important part of protecting both employees and the work being done. In many cases, it’s vital to have hygienic, protective workwear. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Questions you asked about our workwear rental and industrial wiper services answered

We offer the best workwear solutions for companies and organisations of all sizes and industries – from healthcare to maintenance, from food processing to heavy metal industries. If you want your employees to look great, feel good and work better we’re here to help.

Frequently asked questions about our wiper rental service

Contracts for our wiper rental service are ongoing with no fixed end dates. The service contracts can be cancelled at any time.

The number of industrial rags you need will depend on the company requirements. There are many factors to consider, number of employees, the level of dirt within the workplace and what you need them for. Lindstrom will ensure that the quantity of product and frequency of delivery suits your business needs.

We colour code our industrial wipers in order to identify each to their industry sector. Each sector has different methods of cleaning when the cloths are returned to us, so they are cleaned to the requirements of the customer.

There is a range of reasons to rent your industrial cleaning cloths, rather than buy. The main reason is that it is more cost-effective than buying disposable blue roll or wipes. Other reasons include a reduction in your carbon footprint by reducing the waste produced by your company. Industrial cloths also offer greater efficiencies within a working environment.

Lindstrom understands that company services can fluctuate. That’s why we offer the option to increase or decrease the number of industrial wipers that are included in your service contract.

No there are no hidden costs. Your service contract has all costs included. This means that the price you see is the price you pay.

Yes. The first 60 days of a new contract are flexible. So if you decide that our wiper service is not for you, then you can cancel with no penalty charges.

If you are purchasing blue roll then it may seem cheaper, but there are other factors to consider. One of the main hidden costs of buying blue roll is the disposal costs, how much is this costing your business? What are your waste transfer charges and your cost of storage?

Frequently asked questions about our workwear rental service

The number of uniforms that you receive will depend on the industry you work in and the work environment. Sectors with dirtier environments for example mechanics workwear or high levels of contamination such as healthcare uniforms will require more uniforms and changes per week.

As part of our workwear rental and laundry service, we will collect soiled laundry once a week, unless otherwise specified by the client. Again this would vary on a clients’ needs, depending on the industry sector.

When you use our service, we not only acquire the workwear, but we also wash, maintain, repair, renew, and even store it on your behalf. We deliver clean, well-kept clothing weekly, directly to every employee’s locker or another spot of your choosing. That way you can stress less and focus on your actual work. Everyone wins.

Commercial and industrial workwear under a rental and laundry service is cleaned in a controlled environment. This maintains the integrity of all PPE garments whilst reducing your company carbon footprint.

Yes, this can be done. You can return up to 30% of your inventory in a set period of time in the event that a company experiences a downturn. Individual garments can be exchanged when size fluctuation occurs without any additional charges.

If your workwear is damaged, simply return the damaged workwear through the normal laundry collection channels. Lindstrom will then take the item away and repair it if this is viable. Once repaired we will return it when we deliver your clean workwear the following week. This is all included in your service contract.

Yes, there is no capital outlay and in general, our workwear garments could last longer.

Before the commencement of the workwear laundry service, we will undertake the measurements of all employees requiring uniforms. The workwear is specifically manufactured and tailored to each individual.

Everything from high hygiene to high protection

It’s our business to keep you safe. We care for your safety by monitoring the legislation, standards and new operating models in a variety of fields.
Through extensive research and experience, we have developed our workwear to meet the toughest of requirements. What’s more, we’re continuously striving to discover even better solutions.

Our industrial textile care ensures the highest level of hygiene, meaning your employees can always get their jobs done safely and effectively while production continues to run smoothly.