Features and benefits of our flame retardant overalls

Fire-resistant overalls are safe, comfortable, and functional, as well as aesthetically pleasing. All of our fire retardant overalls are suitable for both electricians and welders, designed to provide protection against molten and other high heat sources.

The materials used in our flame retardant overalls offer protection against molten elements and other heat sources.

Our range is characterised with:

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Strong and Durable Flame Resistant Overalls

We carry a choice of fireproof overalls that are both comfortable to wear and durable. Hard-wearing and robust flame-resistant overalls can be supplied for your whole team. Suitable for electricians, welders, and other applicable professions, our fire-resistant overalls are ideal for a variety of workplaces.

Flameproof overalls

You can choose from a range of sizes so that your workers have fire-resistant overalls that are comfortable to wear. Our work clothing is made from the finest materials that are selected for comfort and, most of all, safety. The overalls are available with a fluorescent yellow trim for high visibility in the workplace.

Our fire-resistant overalls are designed to allow workers to carry out their work safely. The comfortable design makes them ideal for long shifts. Key features include multiple pockets for storing essential tools securely and accessible pockets with Velcro fastenings.

If you are looking for the best flameproof overalls or need customised flame retardant overalls, contact us today.

Electrician Overalls

Features include multifunctional patch pockets on the chest with the right featuring a D-loop and pen pocket. The left side has a mobile phone pocket on the top. Other features include hammer loop and knife pocket on the right side, leg pocket with pen stitching on the left, and knee pad pockets on the front.

Electrician overalls made from FR300 material to comply with strict health and safety regulations

  • Multifunctional pockets for holding essential tools and other items
  • Welders overalls made from welder CL2 420 material

Welders Overalls

Features include two breast pockets with ergonomic placement for easy access and pen stitching on the left-hand side. Other features include adjustable sleeve width, large side and back pockets plus two knee pad pockets on the front. The overall has a stand-up collar for your protection.

Welders overalls are made from welder CL 2 420 material and comply with the following regulations:

  • EN ISO 11611: 2015, A1 Class 2 – Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes
  • EN ISO 11612: 2015, A1 B1 C1 E3 F1 – Clothing to protect against heat and flame.

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