It can be a challenge to decide where to invest your profits. If you make poor choices when it comes to operation investments, then your business will not achieve its potential, or worse still, fail.

You will need to put a solid investment strategy in place that covers investing in equipment, infrastructure, customer experience, marketing, and business streamlining.

You will need to invest in your team/people with recruitment and training to streamline your business and improve performance. You may also want to invest in employee incentives, benefits, or discounts to retain your talent. Remember, it is more cost-effective to retain the people you have than to find and employ new staff.

Investing in yourself is often part of the operation investments strategy because business owners are often innovators. This may mean that you have gaps in skills such as people management or business operations. Investing in a business coach/mentor usually pays dividends.

It is worth recognising that you cannot wear every hat in your business, and it may make sense to hire people with the technical skills you lack. Operation investments may include third-party outsourcing to accountants or marketing experts.

Most businesses will need to invest in developing a website and improving its position on search engines to attract customers and build brand reputation and authority.

There is plenty to consider here, including retaining liquidity. You don’t want to tie up all your cash in operation investments because having no working capital can become disastrous. 

So, we will look at how Lindstrom can help you retain liquidity by lowering your investment in workwear and consumables such as industrial wipers.


Workwear Rental

Your employees might need protective clothing for their role and to protect them against potential hazards. Welders need protection against flames, electricians need protection from static shock, and in some positions, workers need protection against chemicals, toxins, grease, and oil. Furthermore, hi-visibility clothing may be needed for working on some sites.

Operation investments can be significant if you choose to purchase all of the workwear for your team. However, with workwear rental your team instantly attains a smart, professional, and unified look, with all the protection they need.

Lindstrom offers a comprehensive set of comfortable and functional workwear rental for the construction, automotive, and engineering industries. Workwear rental is a cost-effective approach that will allow you to avoid the hassle and time it takes to purchase, adjust, repair, replace, and launder workwear. Operation investments are kept down and your business can flex its supply as needed.


Wiper Rental

If your business operates in the industrial space, then it will certainly have a need for wiping heavy dirt and oils. Handling and disposing of hazardous waste is regulated by law. Lindstrom can take care of all of this with our industrial wiper rental, which is an environmentally friendly service that manages the logistics of delivering, collection, and laundering of the industrial wipers you need.

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