Workwear cleaning is a laborious process if you do it in-house. So it is definitely something your business should want to knock off its task list. If you are looking to have the most efficient business model and do not want to burden employees with laundry, it is probably time that you switched to a professional laundry service.

When you enroll in a commercial laundry service, you and your workers can put their time and energy into the business’s core operations, maximising productivity, and most importantly, profit.

Furthermore, if you ask your team to wash and iron their clothing, you are guaranteed to see different results from different employees. Nothing is worse for your company’s professional image than workers arriving in clothing that have stubborn stains and are wrinkled and creased.

To remove these laundry issues, you can outsource your workwear laundry to a professional workwear laundry service provider. Lindstrom is happy to take over this burden, and our services include picking up used workwear and delivering clean workwear straight into employee’s lockers.

We give you the flexibility to choose an appropriate frequency, and you can instantly adapt this to reflect any rises and drops in demand during these challenging times. You can forego the expense of owning and maintaining laundry equipment and avoid the hassle of keeping a stock of detergents and cleaning solutions. Your business will also reduce its energy consumption and lower its utility costs, including electricity and water.

Professional workwear cleaning

Our professional laundry service cleans workers’ clothes using various commercial-grade products, washers, and dryers. We can handle large quantities of trousers, shirts, jackets, and overalls, and we have the expertise to remove stubborn stains. We can completely remove traces of oil, paint, grease, and other chemicals, all without ruining the fabric’s texture.

With our professional laundry service, we prevent issues such as shrinkage. Our cleaning methods destroy harmful bacteria and kill viruses, giving you the satisfaction of providing hygienically clean clothing for your team. We are passionate about helping you protect your employee’s health and safety from every angle.

Business is a fast-paced world, so it makes a great deal of sense to put your workwear in the hands of the experts. We offer a high-quality service that is fast and efficient. Our professional laundry service is surprisingly affordable, and you are sure to save money in the long run.

Increase the lifespan of your workwear

The lifespan of workwear is not something you need to worry about when choosing Lindstrom’s professional laundry service. Our clothing is made from strong, durable materials that are designed for the job at hand.

By following the correct cleaning processes, we preserve the garments’ longevity, maintaining the vibrancy of colours, and preventing fading. We inspect the workwear for damage and defects upon every collection, and we then either make the necessary repairs or replace the garment. This ensures your work clothes look as good as new and your employees are smart enough for working in the corporate world.

Get in touch with Lindstrom today to discuss how our professional laundry service can be at your convenience.