Wiper rags are essential for cleaning up spills, wiping down surfaces, and maintaining machinery. They are used by many businesses, including manufacturing plants, printers, and automotive mechanics, cleaning up spills and leaks of heavy dirt, hazardous solvents, lubricants, grease, oil, and coolants. The use of wiper rags not only affects the presentation of your business but also protects the health and safety of your workers. 

Industrial cleaning cloths are made from a variety of materials ranging from paper to cotton. These materials have different properties, including their absorbency, weight, strength, and weave, not to mention their environmental impact.

So, what material is best for your business, industry, and job? 


The Right Material For The Job

From basic single-use disposable paper to high-quality reusable cotton, there is a wide choice of lint-free cloths, wiper rags, cleaning rags, and absorption mats.

The printing industry requires high-quality wiper rags specifically designed for wiping up ink and leaving no trace. Processed and semi-bleached lint-free cloths are the ideal choice for meeting the challenges of the printing industry.

Manufacturing and engineering industries need wiper rags that are strong and absorbent. Cotton is the perfect material to meet these demands and is up to 6x better than disposable rags.

The automotive industry includes mechanics in garages as well as those employed by a company to repair and maintain industrial vehicles. These tasks require wiper rags that are heavy enough to hold oil and grease. 100% cotton rags with a very tight weave are best suited to this role.

High-quality European cotton wiper rags hold many advantages over their counterparts sourced from the Far East. European wipers can be 50% more absorbent, and because they are made closer to home, transportation distances are reduced, which helps lower the carbon footprint of the supply chain. When it comes to paper versus cotton, cotton comes out on top by being 4x more absorbent and 3x thicker.

Cross-contamination is another property that should be carefully considered. Blue industrial rags that have colour-coded embroidery are an excellent solution. The colour coding ensures they can be identified to prevent any risk of cross-contamination between industries. Once laundered, these wipers should undergo several rounds of metal detection for industries where swarf and metal shards are common. These precautions not only reduces cross-contamination but prevent equipment and machinery damage.


Why You Should Rent Your Wiper Rags

Wiper rag rental is a cost-efficient solution with no up-front costs for the initial stock. The benefits of renting wiper rags from Lindstrom include:

  • Always have enough clean wipers with a flexible service that adapts to your business needs
  • Keep your work environment tidy with included collector eco-bins or UN30088-rated eco-containers
  • Correct disposal of the hazardous waste following the UK regulations
  • Environmentally-friendly solution with a laundry process where 100% of the water used is recycled

Lindstrom is an ISO 14001 accredited company, and our service is ISO 9001:2000 certified. Contact our team today to see how our wiper rental service can help your business.